Asbestos Roof Cleaning is operated by Liquasil Ltd to provide information on the correct methods for asbestos roof cleaning.

Asbestos roof cleaning on industrial and commercial buildings requires specialist experience by skilled and competent contractors.

We can put you in touch with an asbestos roof cleaning specialist capable of working throughout the UK to provide a thoroughly professional roof cleaning service that is compliant with or exceeds HSE recommendations and all major roof coatings manufacturers.

The only asbestos roof cleaning method that is specifically approved by the Health and Safety Executive is the “Closed box Pressure Wash” system – essentially, an over-sized patio cleaner attached to an industrial strength jet wash machine – usually set to operate at between 3-6000psi.

However, just because other asbestos roof cleaning are not specifically HSE approved, it does not mean that they cannot be employed. Bear in mind though, that if a non-approved method of cleaning is used and the HSE happen to visit the site, they are likely to want to reassurance that the cleaning system in use is safe and that all necessary health and safety precautions have been considered.

This means having risk assessments and method statements in place, on site, ready to be examined.

We recommend that when considering larger scale cleaning works, that a health and safety consultant is engaged to advise on the site-specific risks involved in the project. The relatively small cost is easily worth the additional expense.

Additionally, for larger projects, we strongly recommend that the project is professionally managed by Chartered Building Surveyors who will carry out all necessary due diligence before and during the project.

This is important, because although asbestos roof cleaning works are not licensed asbestos works, it is almost certain that such projects fall under the “Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal” rules, meaning that the roof cleaning organisation will require non-licensed asbestos removal training certification in order to remove contaminated waste from the site.

The photographs opposite show the process of manual cleaning, steam cleaning and coating.

The various cleaning methods are discussed and considered in more detail on their relevant pages which can be reached using the navigation at the top of this page, but if you are considering this type of work and would like some impartial assistance, we’ll be happy to have an initial telephone discussion and talk you through the various options at no cost or obligation.

Contact us with confidence – we’ll provide you with the information and contacts required to carry out your asbestos roof cleaning on commercial and industrial buildings.

Please note that nothing on this web site should be considered to be professional advice and in cases where content might conflict with official guidance provided by the HSE, the HSE guidelines should be considered authoritative.