Asbestos Roof Cleaning Costs & Conditions

Costs of asbestos roof cleaning vary depending on various factors including geographical location, size and complexity of the roof, so whilst there is no standard cost, you should budget between £12 and £20 per square metre plus access.

Sub-contract cleaning projects are only undertaken if full safe access is installed prior to work commencing.

The cleaning process includes a two-stage system as described elsewhere on this site and uses 150 degree steam delivered by the market-leading, DOFF steam cleaning machine which kills moss spores to provide a superior clean on aged asbestos roofs.

All waste is disposed of safely and consignment notes for contaminated waste will be obtained at the end of the project.

Waste water from the cleaning exercise is filtered to 5 -10 microns, so that only filtered water is allowed back into the drainage system.

In all cases, a firm quotation will be provided based on an initial site or desktop survey, but it should be noted that if there is any doubt as to the condition of the roof and its suitability for cleaning, a formal roof survey by Chartered Building Surveyors might be required at extra cost prior to commencement of any works.

In the event of sub-contract works, all survey and cleaning fees are payable on a pro-forma basis without exception.

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