Asbestos Roof Cleaning Equipment

Asbestos roof cleaning is very specialised and must only be undertaken by individuals with the necessary knowledge and of course, the correct equipment for the job. For this reason, we are now offering a range of asbestos roof cleaning equipment.

Our range of equipment and accessories are designed to help you carry out asbestos roof cleaning in a safe and controlled manner, plus we offer training that will not only help you carry out asbestos roof cleaning works correctly, but also safety.

Asbestos roofs are extremely fragile, so the use of the correct asbestos roof cleaning equipment is essential.

We are pleased to offer the following products and associated training where necessary:

Available Exclusively Via Asbestoseal

DOFF Steam Cleaner

DOFF Steam Cleaner

Stonehealth Ltd., the manufacturer of the DOFF steam cleaning system has entered into an exclusive distributor arrangement with us because they are not experts in asbestos roofing issues and want to ensure that all prospective operators are fully aware of the various health & safety requirements.

Consequently, any enquiries made directly to Stonehealth about asbestos roof cleaning will be directed back to us.

The price of the DOFF steam cleaning machine is exactly the same as you pay from the manufacturer and includes their standard warranty and servicing agreements.