Asbestoseal Ltd is now an official (and exclusive) dealer for DOFF steam cleaning machines for use on asbestos roofs and consequently, any enquiries made directly to the manufacturer about asbestos roof cleaning will be directed back to us.

DOFF machines purchased through Asbestoseal Ltd have a modified specification that limits the amount of pressure available to the optimum necessary for asbestos roof cleaning, which is 70 bar.

The price of the DOFF steam cleaning machine is exactly the same as you pay from the manufacturer and
includes their standard warranty and servicing agreements.


The DOFF Integra steam cleaner for asbestos roof cleaning.
The DOFF Integra steam cleaner for asbestos roof cleaning.

Offering a superior specification and performance to any other steam machine available commercially, the DOFF system delivers a constant steam temperature of 150 degrees on a 3o metre hose and lance, at pressures up to 90 bar, in a single, self-contained, portable machine.

Exceptional cleaning results cab be achieved with the DOFF machine, so if you’re using a coating that is not tolerant to dirt or moss spores, the DOFF is the most sensible option.

This equipment should not be confused with ordinary steam cleaning machines. It is built to withstand the heavy demands of commercial cleaning on a daily basis and is guaranteed to deliver the right temperature and pressure required to effectively clean asbestos cement roofs. Other systems we have examined have not performed as well.

Priced at £5945 + VAT, the DOFF steam cleaning machine will easily pay for itself on larger asbestos roof cleaning projects and will prove to be a valuable investment for your business, plus it can be used for other cleaning activities including stonework, chewing gum removal, graffiti removal and more.

Steam cleaning is not the same as pressure washing and has none of the disadvantages. No chemicals are used and the amount of water used is considerably reduced (max 300 litres per hour compared with 7-900 litres per hour from most commercial pressure washers) – as is the resultant waste!

Moss and lichen spores are destroyed by the steam, meaning that nothing is left behind to cause problems later on.

Because the DOFF steam cleaning system is so specialised, all operatives must undergo compulsory training by the manufacturer of the equipment and this is included in the purchase price.

To protect your investment, the manufacturer keeps a record of all trained personnel as a safeguard against operation by unqualified people.