BBA Approved Asbestos Roof Coating

BBA Approved asbestos roof coatingAn asbestos roof coating should be installed following professional roof cleaning, otherwise moss and lichen growth will be accelerated, increasing the chance of roof sheet delamination and ultimate failure of the roof.

If you’re on this site because you’re looking for a cleaning contractor to clean an asbestos roof prior to coating using an alternative coating, that’s fine, we can help. But, for future projects, you might like to consider this.

A new asbestos roof coating system called “Asbestoseal” is now available from Liquasil Ltd. This is the only such system specifically designed and independently tested by the British Board of Agrement for use on asbestos cement roofs.

A complete system rather than just another coating, Asbestoseal tackles all of the problems associated with asbestos roofs without the need for fleeces or other strengthening materials. One coat, in a can – it doesn’t get much simpler.

What’s more, Asbestoseal now comes with a 20 year Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee as standard on industrial roof installations.

Once coated with the Asbestoseal asbestos roof coating system, the nature of the products means that moss and lichen can no longer grow on the surface, eliminating the future expense of cleaning forever.

Asbestoseal tackles all of the problems associated with older asbestos cement roofs. The system includes a corrosion treatment for use on metal fixings. This prevents rust breaking through the coating later on.

Each fixing is then treated with the Asbestoseal Non-Sag Sealer, which is also used to permanently seal any small holes and cracks in the roof sheets. Once this is complete, the entire roof is coated with Asbestoseal 20 or Asbestsoeal SF (Solvent-Free) to provide long-term protection against leakage.

Asbestoseal is available in any RAL colour and has a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee when installed by an approved contractor. Once installed, it will not attract moss or lichen and will retain it’s colour indefinitely.

This hard wearing asbestos roof coating is less expensive than many inferior products and we believe, is the only purpose made, independently tested, asbestos roof coating on the market today.

Asbestoseal is a complete system for refurbishment of asbestos roofs and is the only system available with a full BBA Agrement Certificate.

For more information, please see the Asbestoseal web site.