Asbestos Roof Manual Cleaning

Typical wet-scraped finish to be achieved for asbestos roof cleaning
Typical wet-scraped finish to be achieved

Manual asbestos roof cleaning is essential when the surface is heavily contaminated with moss and other weed growth.

The process involves thoroughly wetting the surface to prevent asbestos fibre release and then scraping off the moss and weeds.

The removed vegetation is then placed into designated asbestos disposal bags and then double-bagged in readiness for disposal by a licensed disposal contractor.

All personnel need to wear relevant PPE equipment at all times during the cleaning process and once the roof is cleared of the bulk of the moss, the area can be more thoroughly cleaned using a proprietary cleaning method.

As with all works on fragile asbestos roofs, health and safety precautions are paramount. This means that in all cases, perimeter edge protection and possibly internal netting must be installed.

Our approved contractors have access to the patented Asbestoglide system which is the safest asbestos roof access system on the market and can even be installed as a permanent access system to facilitate future maintenance  works.

Manual asbestos roof cleaning is not a permanent solution and should only be carried out as part of a more thorough cleaning process. This is because after scraping off the vegetation from a roof, moss spores will remain ingrained in the surface of asbestos the cement sheets.

Moss and weed growth is often more vigorous following manual cleaning as a consequence.